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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ariel Nomad

Overall verdict
Astonishing off-road and faster round a track than you’d ever believe possible.


The way it looks and drives, the unasked question it brilliantly answers


It’s a bit short on weatherproofing


What is it?

Like nothing else, really. Well, quite like an Atom in that it takes the same tubular frame construction and extends it to add an over-roof rollcage. There’s more to it than that, of course, the whole structure is unique to the Nomad, with different suspension mounting points and a new, beefier, torquier 2.4-litre four cylinder Honda engine. In time this will probably be supercharged and gain a considerable boost from the 235bhp it currently has. It doesn’t need it. It still only weighs around 700kg. 

The bigger question is what you’d use it for. The answer to that is simple: whatever you damn well like. It’s built for fun, you can spec it with a winch and full knobbly tyres or keep it more road-friendly. It’s a blank canvas.

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