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Audi A8

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The Top Gear car review: Audi A8



Final thoughts and pick of the range

A8 sits at the top of the many-branched Audi tree. Has all the tech your A4 probably will in five years' time

Exceptionally clever and commendably capable, but there are problems. The big one is that you can’t actually get some of the signature AI technologies Audi’s touting for a year, and that when they are available, they can’t be retro-fitted to existing A8s. 

Buy one in the meantime and you’re still getting a very well-rounded limo, albeit one that’s missing the features that truly separate it from the competition. We’re surprised Audi didn’t fit the necessary hardware, then make the kit available to existing owners via an over-the-air or dealer-fit update. So by all means go ahead and buy an A8 if you prefer it to a S-Class or 7 Series, but go into it knowing that no matter how much money you spend on one now, you’ll never use the car and its vast amount of processing power to its fullest capacity. 

Were we spending our own money, which we seldom do, we’d wait and buy one when the full suite of tech’ comes online. As for how it compares to its competitors – we’re more into the baroque stylings of the S-Class than the pared-down, Bauhaus simplicity of the A8, so that’s probably where we’d lay our hat. Not that the A8 isn’t a lovely thing, because it really is. 

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Audi A8 front quarter

L 55 TFSI Quattro 4dr Tiptronic

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