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BMW 4 Series Coupe

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW 4 Series Coupe



Running costs and reliability

BMW 4 Series M Sport Coupe interior

There’s a model for everyone really, unless you’re a hybrid fan, in which case you’ll be on Lexus’ doorstep before long. Prices start at around £33,000 for the 4 Series, with all models getting leather, sat-nav, two-zone climate control, heated seats and LED lights. The Professional sat-nav is well worth the £900 upgrade cost, which brings you a larger screen with clearer resolution.

Service intervals come every 10,000 miles (BMW dealerships have a reputation for charging heavily for their work, mind). We’d say go for the automatic gearbox, and don’t worry too much about xDrive unless you’re really paranoid about being able to control a rear-drive car. Winter tyres will be far more useful come the cold snap…

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