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BMW M2 Competition

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW M2 Competition



Running costs and reliability

The price is tempting and doesn’t need much options-ticking.

Tempting extras include adaptive LED headlights, and Harman Kardon loudspeakers. Those two, plus heated seats and a change of wheels (still 19s) can be rolled into a pack for £1,800.

Driver training is £2,095, including delimiting the top speed to 174mph. And DCT transmission is £2,645. Upgraded brakes £1,350.

Early examples of the M2 were pretty depreciation-resistant, shedding about £10k in their first two years. The Performance version is £5k more up front because of the M engine, and uses a little more fuel.

Worried about company car tax? Although the DCT saves quite a bit of CO2 (it’s 209g/km versus 227 for the manual) the 2018-19 BIK rate is 37 percent for both.

Warranty is three years/unlimited miles.

A high-strung M car isn’t cheap to service, but you can avoid surprises by getting a £999 pack that covers everything for the first three years or 36k miles.

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