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The Top Gear car review:BMW X2



What is it like on the road?

BMW X2 front three quarters

Let’s get the one honkingly obvious thing out of the way first. We’re in the X2 20d xDrive. If we were in a 320d xDrive Touring we’d be having more fun, and the sticker price for those is the same.

The X2’s ride is firmer than the estate’s. It feels a bit heavy in a succession of tight bends, and gives you precious little of the steering feedback or sense of playfulness you’d find in that 3 Series Touring - or indeed an Evoque. That said, for a crossover, the X2 is really very agreeable.

For a start most of the small diesel crossovers have raucous engines, but this one shows how it ought to be done, beavering away in decent quietness both when mooching in town and when you give it an open-road overtake to do. Performance isn’t at all bad – if you want more, wait a little for the 25d.

As usual, BMW has got the eight-speed autobox just right too. That’s what you get on the xDrive cars. The FWD ones, called sDrive, get a new seven-speed DCT.

The suspension is on the firmish side, but doesn’t upset you. Our test car ran the slightly lowered and stiffened M Sport suspension. Its motions are progressive rather than jarring. Many tall cars have over-stiff anti-roll bars, causing lateral rocking over one-sided bumps in a straight line. Not the X2, which stays pretty serene. Even with the low-profile tyres, there’s little road noise over coarse surfaces or clangs as you hit potholes.

It uses the spring travel well. That translates into able cornering. Body lean is well-controlled – despite what we just said about the anti-roll bars. Everything happens as you’d expect – the X2’s decently responsive, easy to be accurate with.

Driver-assist options include radar cruise and low-speed traffic jam assist – lane following and stop-go. As usual, keep a wary eye on what it’s up to.


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