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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW X2


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Though the lead-in version comes with more conventional black cloth or a couple of shades of leather, the Sport, M Sport and especially M Sport X trims have more colourful clothes. It’s the latter that’s in the photos.

The dashboard is a model of clarity and lush materials: situation BMW normal. The standard infotainment has all you need, including detailed live traffic and connected services. It’s now touch-sensitive but the iDrive hardware controller remains the best in the business and that’s how we tend to make our inputs.

The top-ender has a bigger screen. Want Apple CarPlay? You have to pay extra, but when you do the integration is brilliant; it even works over bluetooth if you’re wire-averse.

The driving position likewise is well-arranged and adjustable, if not very high off the ground. Is this really an SUV? The M Sport’s seats have vivid and firm side bolstering, which is great if you’re not too broad.

Rear room is surprisingly useful. Grown-ups can go there. In fact it’s kids who might object, as they try to peer out through the high and shallow windows. Still, it’s no prison cell – they get vents, a 12V outlet, decent speakers and an armrest.

The boot’s pretty good too, with a deepish belly below the floor adding to its gulp. Instead of a roller blind there’s a hard tray. That’s less of a faff then a blind when it’s in place, but then when you fold the seats there’s nowhere to put it. Swings and roundabouts.

Basically then, there’s scarcely any practicality deficit to choosing this over the X1. Main issues are the visibility from the rear, and the smaller tailgate aperture which hinders loading bulky stuff.

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