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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW X7



Running costs and reliability

The X7 starts out well-equipped: three rows of electric seats, air suspension, 21s, full connected cockpit, LED active headlights. The £2,500 M Sport pack is cosmetics and better brakes.

You’ll probably want to add the tech pack, £3,150, which is a superb HUD, Harman Kardon speakers and some extra driving assistance including adaptive cruise. (The standard assistance is pretty scant, and even this full-on pack is beaten by an optioned-up Mercedes A180.) The six-seat arrangement is £595.

The 40i petrol is lovely to use, but are you ready for WLTP 25mpg? That translates into NEDC CO2 of 198g/km. Mind you those are good numbers for a thumping great petrol SUV. The 30d is 33mpg and 171g/km.

On their in-house finance scheme BMW expects the X7 to depreciate slightly faster than a Range Rover, so the monthly payments are a bit higher.

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