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Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ferrari 488 Pista Spider


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Inside the Spider is no different to the Pista, so it’s a slather of carbon, lots of switches, a pleasant and ergonomic enough place to be. The seats are excellent - you’ll need those side-bolsters - the roof well enough insulated. It’s not church quiet, but you wouldn’t want it to be. True, with the aerodynamic ’S-Duct’ cutting into the nose there’s not as much luggage space as a GTB, and you lose the drama of seeing the engine bay in all its glory (the roof mechanism sits on top), but if you’re going to have a car with this level of performance, you should expect some compromise. We loose-packed enough kit for a day out taking pictures, and it worked, so there’s enough space for a weekend away and you wouldn’t want to fill every orifice if you were on a trackday anyway. There are a myriad of screens and temperature monitors - including one to tell you when you’ve warmed up the Michelin Pilot Cup2s to the consistency of blu-tack - plenty of things to fiddle with. It doesn’t feel like a ‘track special’ to be honest - certainly not in the same way as a caged Porsche GT3 RS or similar - but that in itself is probably appealing to a Ferrari owner. If you stuck this car on slicks and put some harnesses in it, you’d be looking at serious laptimes, but it’s probably happier out in the sunshine on a nice road laying waste to pretty much everything.

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