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Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ferrari 488 Pista Spider



Running costs and reliability

They’re all sold, so it’s a safe bet that this is going to be a decent investment of a car, even at north of a quarter of a million pounds. Though that would be a shame of the highest order - a vehicle this fun to drive deserves to be out and about, especially in Spider format. The best thing really is that there’s plenty of drama mixed in with a sense that you can also schlep around town without feeling like too much of a track refugee. The difference between a 488 GTB/Spider and a Pista variant is in the extremity rather than the grind - it’s not a hard car to actually use. Ferrari makes a big deal of what they refer to as the ‘F2D’ metric, which translates as ‘fun to drive’. It sounds like nonsense, but translates into a car that makes you laugh like a child. And that’s what supercars should be about - a sense of wonder mixed with ability.

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