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Ford GT

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The Top Gear car review:Ford GT



Running costs and reliability

2017 Ford GT front

It costs $400,000, and no matter what angle you’re viewing it from, that’s a heap of money. We don’t need to attach ‘for a Ford’ to that, because the badge and brand is almost irrelevant here – Ford has racing pedigree, and with the possible exception of the engine, this car has nothing in common with anything else in the range. I admire their vetting process as well – deciding to prioritise sales to long-time Ford customers rather than the merely very wealthy.

Priced a nudge above where the McLaren 675LT sat in the UK, they’re only building 1,000 globally and given the current appetite for supercars – not to mention the prices that previous generations of Ford GTs and GT40s are making currently, and it should be a safe place for your money. A good investment. Which isn’t the right way to think about this car at all.

One more thing. If it looked less radical I think Ford would struggle to justify the £320,000 (at current exchange rates) asking price. But the way it looks, the way it behaves and the way it’s priced all go hand in hand. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, between a morning at Laguna Seca and a day on the Pacific Coast highway, we averaged about 12mpg.

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