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Ford Mustang Mach-E (US) review

Published: 28 May 2024


What is it like on the inside?

The interior of the Mach-e is kept intentionally sparse, and there are a few pros and cons as a result. Where it may lack in features, it makes up for in being roomy and comfortable. Its design comes across as a bit plain, although enough is done to keep it from being dull. And anyway, you’ll forget all about that thanks to the 15.5-inch touchscreen smack in the middle of the dash.

It looks cool! Does it work?

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before both from Ford and from other automakers, though this unit is unique for having a volume knob physically integrated onto the surface. The screen runs Ford’s Sync 4A operating system, and the Mach-E greatly relies on it due to the lack of physical buttons.

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By default, the nav screen takes up most of the real estate, though there are some quick-access buttons to be found. Anything else - like drive modes or entertainment options - switch to an entirely different screen, which becomes an issue as the super tiny digital driver display, lack of HUD or other buttons limits the ability to multitask.

Given the ample size of the thing, we’d expect it to at least divide the screen up into two halves like other competitors manage to do. The system is also slow to respond in certain areas and the navigation that takes up so much room is unclear at times. Thankfully, it’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible, and it also comes with a bunch of standard safeties and drive assist, with BlueCruise available as an added option.

What fits inside?

Stuff, people, buckets of shrimp, even. The Mach-E’s “frunk” is a 4.8 cu ft storage bin that’s handy for small suitcases and accessories, though it’s also equipped with a durable liner and a drain hole, which is nice if you have dirty hiking gear that you’d like to clean out. Or if you just want to fill it with ice and feed a party of guests directly from your car’s gaping jaw like a fat alligator.

The rest of the Mach-E seats five with 29.7 cu ft of storage available behind the second row. Kick everyone out and fold the seat down, and you’ve got 59.7 cu ft for your needs.

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