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Honda Jazz

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Honda Jazz


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

It’s an odd mix of wacky angles and decks inside the funked-up Jazz, especially when the new 7.0-inch touchscreen media centre (5.0-inch on basic models) and optional haptic climate control buttons look clean and minimalist. Sure, it’s plasticky, but the Jazz’s party trick is huge cabin versatility, not Audi fit ‘n’ finish. Shifting the fuel tank under the front seats means there’s room under the flip-up rears for hidden luggage. The boot is more VW Golf than Polo, at 354 litres, though the flimsy false floor won’t support the Christmas Eve groceries. Still, there’s ample headroom, and legroom to mock faux-by-four crossovers. Comfy seats too, and the doors open so wide you’d think the hinge has turned inside-out.

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