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Car Review

Lexus LC review

£75,960 - £98,610
Published: 14 Apr 2023


What is it like on the inside?

The interior is typical Lexus, all three-dimensional dash architecture and granite build quality. The seating position, especially with the grippier Alcantara sports seats you get on Sport and Sport+ models, is low, legs out in front, perfect. There’s even a nod to the LFA with the moving instrument binnacle on top of a digital display behind the wheel. 

Yes, there’s a splurge of buttons and touchpads, screens and stalks sprouting from every surface that require a PhD to operate, but it’s executed with flair and attention to detail. Its mish-mash of layers and angles manages to make the inside an event, even if you go for a sombre colour scheme.

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So it still feels good in here?

This remains a truly special place to climb into, never mind sit, with the theatre of pop-out door handles a smidge better-executed than a Jaguar F-Type’s, and a sliver of carbon trim on the sills. The seats look fabulous and truly envelop, with another pair behind that’ll squeeze in very short adults or neatly accommodate kids and shopping. 

Some of the plastic switchgear that's been promoted up from dowdier Lexuses doesn’t quite match the bejewelled aesthetic surrounding it, but on balance this is a cabin that's aged spectacularly well. Plus, it’s set to get an update for 2024 that’ll bring a 12.3-inch touchscreen, voice control and a slightly redesigned centre console. You can read more about that by clicking these blue words

So there isn't a touchscreen in older cars?

There isn’t. Anything built before the 2024 update gets the traditional Lexus laptop-style trackpad to control a screen that’s mounted deep in the dash. The graphics on said screen are pretty old hat too, and although you'll get used to it, the trackpad is fiddly to operate.  

What’s mildly shocking is that it also took until 2020 for Lexus to offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard, things which are somehow integral to the LC’s usability. That 2020 addition was hugely welcome, despite Lexus previously lobbing so much equipment at the LC that you’re only really left with fancy colours and a thumping stereo (with a DC player, remember them?) as optional extras.

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Grand-Tourers should be practical, right? How's the luggage space?

Good point, and another mark in favour of the V8 here. The boot offers 197 litres of storage space in the LC 500 – less than half what you get in a BMW 8 Series – but that shrinks to 172 litres in the LC 500h thanks to the battery pack behind the seats.

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