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Mercedes-Benz AMG A35

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz AMG A35



Running costs and reliability

The powertrain and chassis spec, and the sense of quality, do a lot to justify the £35,580 entry price. Add all the option packs (which mostly amount to trim levels really) plus the aerokit and active dampers and you end up at a stiff £46,250.

Mind you, there’s no point in comparing that optioned-up price with rivals as they simply can’t provide the sorts of driver-assist or display or connectivity tech that the A35 offers.

Annoyingly, you can’t spec CarPlay/Android Auto integration (which is £495) unless you first pony up for the Executive equipment pack which widens the central screen to 10.25 inches and adds leathered heated seats and parking assist, Still at £1,395, that pack is pretty good value. The aero pack is £2,595.

The CO2 is 167g/km, and the fuel consumption a competitive 38.7mpg. But those numbers are worse than the old A45 quoted. Testing has changed more than consumption has changed, mind.

Warranty is three years over an unlimited mileage.

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