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Mercedes-Benz AMG A35

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz AMG A35



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Fast on the straights and in corners, but curiously light on spice and engagement

Get your kicks from going quick? Then this is an awesome thing. The engine bolts it forward, and the grip, steering accuracy, traction, transmission and brakes entirely live up to the engine’s demands. It copes with a B-road very well indeed: good damping, crisp responses, secure and confidence-inspiring. Standard versions of the A-Class have disappointing dynamics – this is much, much better. Considering a specced-up A250? Don’t bother, have this instead.

But beyond the sheer forces involved, it’s still not a hardcore thriller. But then it’s not meant to be – an A45, probably with over 400bhp, will be along before the end of 2019 to perform the lairy little badass role. This one is aimed at the Golf R – stealthy, stylish speed. It does that well, even if it doesn’t quite have the VW’s natural balance, finesse and adjustability.

But the A35 has other talents, too. The cabin’s exquisitely crafted and you can pile it up with the kind of connectivity, displays and active driver aids a top-end limo owner would envy. Beyond that, what this does is fast efficiency, and easy on the having to work hard for your enjoyment. Which might make it exactly what you’re looking for.

Our choice from the range

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A35 4Matic 5dr Auto

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