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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Overall verdict
Seven seats and plenty of off-road ability, but many will find the smaller, cheaper Merc ML as good.


Even bigger than before, much more sophisticated than before


Is it simply too big for the UK?


What is it?

This all-new big beast of a seven-seat SUV is the best-selling luxury 4x4 of all in the US. Yes, it even outpoints the Range Rover, plus all the big SUV iron Detroit churns out in such vast numbers. Why have 180,000 been sold since its launch in 2006? Because it’s a Benz, seats seven and, well, is very big. Size matters, it seems.

So although downsizing is all the rage these days, it’s a concept that’s bypassed the latest GL entirely. At least it’s more elegant than before, with the unusual styling approach seen on the latest ML appearing a bit more cohesive and, dare we say it, subtle here. Remember this next time one’s bearing down on you.

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