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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mini Clubman

Overall verdict
The Clubman has charm but, although roomier, it’s not as fun to drive as it was.


Distinctive looks, gorgeous cabin, proper rear doors at last


Distinctive looks, safety-first chassis


What is it?

The biggest Mini ever, and a supposedly properly resolved successor to the Mk1 Clubman oddball. No asymmetric ‘Clubdoor’ opening out into traffic here – there are four conventional front-hinged doors for passengers, and still two cupboard doors at the back. It’s not the 270mm increase in length that’s the critical stat, however. Nope, it’s the 30mm width growth spurt. That betrays this is no stretched Mini Hatch, but in fact a BMW 2-Series Active Tourer wearing a Mini suit. A wider platform, more space, and a more utilitarian family car as a result. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

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