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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross



Running costs and reliability

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross rear

The petrol FWD manual is officially rated at 42.8mpg, or 151g/km. The 4x4 auto is barely worse, at 40.4mpg. There’s usually a bigger gap between FWD and 4WD, so that’s a demonstration of the efficiency of the loathsome CVT. Sorry.

Mitsubishi’s UK warranty is a reasonably generous five-year, 62,500-miler.

Prices haven’t been fixed as we write. But it won’t be bargain-basement. It’s built in yen, so currency isn’t favourable.

Neither, as we write this, have insurance, or NCAP ratings been fixed. Check back later.

Standard or optional are most of the safety and driver-assist features you’d expect: collision warning, active cruise including stop-and-go, blind-sport warning with cross-traffic assist, and all-round parking cameras. It’s only lane-departure warning, though, not lane-keeping assistance.

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