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Polestar 2

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Polestar 2



Running costs and reliability

Giving a full ‘ownership’ verdict off the back of 24 hours spent with the top-of-the-range 2 feels a tad premature, so we’ll keep adding to this section as we spend more time with the car. So far, so good though.

Because the RRP is a cheeky £100 less than £50k, the Polestar 2 qualifies for the UK government’s -£3,000 low-emission car grant. So, it’s £46,900, before options. 

The 78kWh battery gives the launch-spec Polestar 2 a claimed range of 292 miles. Having been twice charged to 100% on a fairly temperature summer day, our test car offered 260 miles first, and 270 miles on the second charge. After around 100 miles on the road, using the AC and plenty of gratuitous acceleration surges, the car offered 120 miles of range with 51 per cent charge remaining. 

Again, it feels churlish to give a definitive say-so on range anxiety off the back of one summer day’s driving, but once the warp-factor novelty wears off you ought to be getting 250 miles per charge. Volvo claims almost 350 miles of range for urban-only use. 

As ever, charging is a minefield for any Not-A-Tesla, without a dedicated network. Find a 150kW charger and Polestar says an empty 2 will have an 80% charge in 40 minutes. If you can’t… it’ll take longer. Good thing Polestar is working on adding YouTube and Netflix apps to the in-car screen…

And anyway, given you’ll be ordering your Polestar 2 online, chances are you’ll be web-savvy enough to search and pin-drop an online database of charging points – you can even ask Google to do just that while you drive along. Plus, Polestar has teamed up with Europe-wide charging outfit Plugsurfing, so owners get access to 195,000 charging points across Europe – including the UK – with one electronic key tag. 

So, hopefully no waving your iPhone around for signal so you can download your eighteenth charging membership app while stuck at a rainy services at 3am. Phew.