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Seat Leon Cupra

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Seat Leon Cupra



Running costs and reliability

Seat Leon Cupra white rear

With claimed economy figures of 42.8mpg and 154g/km, the Leon Cupra sits in the centre of the hot hatch field for daily running costs – don’t expect much more than mid-30s mpg in the real-world. And you need to be careful how you spec the car. Seat wants to encourage people into the 280 (and reckons that 90 per cent of customers will go for the powwweeer), so certain styling options, like the 19-inch wheels and rear spoiler, are only available on the more powerful version. The DSG gearbox and five-door format are also only on the 280. But don’t feel hard done by in the 265. Both cars come with LED headlights, and both also come with the aforementioned Dynamic Chassis Control and the mechanical front diff – both crucial parts of the Cupra’s repertoire. 

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