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Seat Leon Cupra

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Seat Leon Cupra



What is it like on the road?

Seat Leon Cupra white front

Unsurprisingly, a family hatch with all that power isn’t slow. 0-62mph is seen off in just 5.7 seconds in the 280 DSG model, but it’s the way the power builds that’s impressive. There’s no sudden dump of torque, just a crescendo of turbo boost that doesn’t let up until you’re well north of, ahem, legality. But the good thing is that the Cupra isn’t manic. Unlike the Astra VXR, the Cupra feels civilised and capable, and it’s just as happy pottering as it is blasting along. 

The Dynamic Chassis Control and mechanical front diff help. The former is a system for controlling the adjustable dampers and lets the driver select various levels of stiffness. The good thing is that unlike as with previous models, none are too hard, so the Cupra manages the bi-polar hot hatch trick well. You don’t have to drive this thing flat out all the time. But it responds jolly well if you do…


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