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Tesla Model X

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Tesla Model X


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Tesla Model X interior driver's seat

Want seven seats? Of course you do. That’ll be £3,600. The Model X is a five seater as standard. A six seat layout (2+2+2) is £2,700. Once the thrill of using the Falcon doors has worn off, they’re slow enough to be annoying, and those back seats don’t provide that much headroom. Fold them down and the boot’s big, but the Model X comes across as more people carrier than full-house active lifestyle companion. It’s very pleased with itself. Although maybe it deserves to be. 

The driving environment is clean and open, with a windscreen that arches back over your head and that impressive 17-inch touchscreen. This is as much of a draw as those fancy rear doors. Shame the materials and quality are more Kia than Bentley though.    


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