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Toyota GT86

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Toyota GT86


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

It’s all nice and simple in here, with low-set seats and a perfectly positioned steering wheel that nestles into your hands as naturally as the stubby, slick-shifting gear lever. The rev counter is positioned right in the middle of the dial pack, proudly showing its 7,400rpm red line, although there is also a nod to sophistication with the availability of colour touchscreen navigation in the centre of the dash.

Just don’t go looking for the delicate finish of an Audi TT as that’s not what this car is about. Instead, it’s again about simplicity and focusing on the driver. Pride comes in the fundamentals, not the soft-touch details; flip the seat forward to put bags (or a child) in the back, and it won’t return to your driving position.

The 2017 model year upgrade brought tweaks to the infotainment system (it’s still a long way off more premium rivals), TFT instrument displays with many nerdy graphs and some nicer materials, while that dinkier steering wheel gained audio controls.

Given the absurd number of steps in volume available – we managed to turn the stereo up to ‘50’ before it got too loud, and there was still further to go – the button on the steering wheel becomes really fiddly, as you have to press it so much for even the slightest adjustment. Like we said, don’t focus on the finer details…

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