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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Toyota GT86

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Overall verdict
Glorious return to form for Toyota's rear-drive coupe line


Proves Toyota does know how to do fun with a gloriously simple approach


Will the simple cabin and cooking power output be lost on buyers?


What is it?

Toyota’s chief engineer for the GT86 outlines three key elements that define his new creation: no turbo, no 4WD, narrow tyres. A quick lap time is not the priority from this sports car: rather, driver involvement is. The firm’s new rear-wheel drive sports car is here to prove that vehicles do not necessarily have to become ever faster, gripper and less socially acceptable.

The sibling to the Subaru BRZ, similarities are oh-so obvious. The differences are confined to the merest detail changes: a slightly different grille, alternative details within the headlight structure (the units are shared), different colours, alternative markings on the rev counter…don’t go looking for headline variations because you won’t find them. Does this matter? No. Simply see it as two ways of getting one of the best driver’s cars you can buy…

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
2.0 D-4S 2dr
7.6s 180g/km 36.2 200 £25,060
The cheapest
2.0 D-4S Primo 2dr
7.6s 180g/km 36.2 200 £22,760
The greenest
2.0 D-4S 2dr Auto
8.2s 164g/km 39.8 200 £26,225
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