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Toyota GT86

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Toyota GT86



Running costs and reliability

Yes, you can buy significantly higher-tech hot hatches for the same money, but their centre of gravity feels like it’s stacked on a roof rack in comparison. Toyota has spent the money where it matters – the oily bits – and this remains a brilliantly set-up car for £25k. Toyota sells ten times as many GT86s as Subaru does BRZs, so sourcing one of these and getting a good deal should be much simpler.

Its claimed 36.2mpg is close to attainable, even when you’re having fun, while the warranty is 100,000 miles or five years, whichever comes sooner. Very generous for a car that begs to be driven so hard.

If you’re buying new, keep an eye on the special editions. Most add some minor mechanical upgrades – suspension, brakes, wheels or tyres – beyond their fancy new colour, and most look worth the extra outlay the demand. Just don’t expect them to be worth any more money when you come to sell. When a car is designed from the outset to be modified, you aren’t going to stand out with upgraded components that already have some wear and tear.

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