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Long-term review

BMW M635 CSI - long-term review

Cheaper than a kitchen
Published: 20 May 2020


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    BMW M635 CSi

How on earth did the M6 pass its MOT?

Certain things in life are quite difficult to explain. Take dark matter, for example. Or how the Egyptians really built their pyramids. But I think the most thought-provoking of them all is how my M6 passed its MoT test first time.

Having been stood up and neglected for years by its last owner - not to mention its service history being as comprehensive as Britain’s Brexit strategy - the M6 had all the ingredients to make one giant MoT-test-shaped headache. Yet it passed with just three advisories, none of which seemed particularly scary either.

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Being honest, I think I’ve just been lucky to have caught it at the right time. The bodywork is tired but not bad; the interior a bit mouldy but intact. The rust? Well, that’s a sticking point currently...

“Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced.” That was one of the advisories on the recent MoT test, which roughly translated to it being a few months away from becoming an oxidised mess. Thankfully, it’s still all in one piece. So the next task is the mundane one of rust removal.

It’s far from bad news, however. Because while the M6 was back home, and being gifted with lots of free time, I decided to try and fit my old BBS E88 wheels to it. For no other reason than they’re currently sat doing nothing, thanks to the M5 they were fitted to catching on fire. Turns out they actually fit despite being 19s with track tyres.

Don’t worry though, they’re not staying. Instead,I’m opting for another set of BBS wheels, 17in E55s with a centrelock hub fitment. They’re currently being put together by Alan and the team at AWS Motorsport, who, unfortunately, will also be lumbered with the rust repair too. Then the fun can really start...

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