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Tuesday 5th December
Long-term review

DS 4 - long-term review

£41,600 / as tested £47,185 / PCM £643
Published: 01 Jun 2023

Watch: TG's long-term DS 4 has one of the best headlight displays

Considering a large proportion of the journeys in my commuting year happen in the dark, lighting really should have been a larger part of my life than it has. There are all sorts of reasons for this, but everything changed when the DS came into my world.

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I went from having cars with lights that came on when you asked them to – perfectly reasonable and indeed exactly what most people would ask of their car lighting – to a car with lights that positively danced with delight when you approached it.

The DS 9 (my previous lifer) did a particularly fetching light spectacular when you approached or walked away from it – twirling lights sending beautiful beams dancing across the floor and walls of the garage. Absolutely mesmerising.

When the DS 4 arrived, I had wondered if it would have the same fabulous lighting display. GOOD NEWS! Though what the lights do to greet you is actually quite different, the lighting still has music in its soul.

As you approach the car, its lighting tusks illuminate in bright white and glorious orange a couple of times. Then the headlights switch on, including a fetching magenta highlight, and finally, as the ignition is engaged the headlights swoosh up and down and left and right and settle into their preferred placement – they are, as you would expect, self-levelling.

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This display is augmented by the puddlelights projected from the wing mirrors, which swing down to the road as the wing mirrors unfold from their parked position.

I will acknowledge that other manufacturers offer similar lighting – such son et lumière is indeed quite the fashion these days. But for my money, DS does it best. There is something singularly pleasing about a car that is so utterly delighted to see its driver. Such happiness should be mandatory for all new cars; considering how stressful driving can be even the smallest smile-inducing thing is to be praised.

The only downside that I can think of is if, heaven forbid, you needed to replace one of these all-singing, all-dancing headlight units. Take a guess how much it would set you back... go on. First prize to anyone who suggested about a grand. Yup, £1,000. Fortunately, crashes aside, I can think of no good reason you’d need to splash that cash. Just a pub fact nugget for you.

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