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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW 3 Series Touring

Overall verdict
Being based on the best junior exec is a good start: this car is a belter.


Bigger than EVER, derived from the current saloon we know is great


More lifestyle than load-lugger, if max volumes matter


What is it?

For those who think the current 3-Series is as good as it gets, hold steady: here’s one with more space, more practicality yet, it seems, no less of the magic that makes the four-door such a stormer. It also answers a rare gripe that some have about the saloon – that its rear end looks too similar to before. Not so with the Touring, whose revised tail dials back some of the old one’s rakishness for a more upmarket and upstanding profile. It’s now every inch the junior 5-Series.

BMW has just facelifted it, further enhancing a range stretching from 318i to 340i. There are xDrive all-wheel drive versions of the key engine variants too, for all-weather grip and a huge amount of year-round practicality: it’s a drivetrain and body combination that many may find near-perfect. There really are few better premium all-rounders. 

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