The 666bhp Lister Thunder now has a less interesting name

Lister's carbon-clad Jaguar F-Type is renamed LFT-666, and costs £140k

This is the Lister LFT-666. If you think it looks a lot like the Lister Thunder, that’s because it’s the same car, just in its full production spec and with a less interesting name.

‘Thunder’ was brilliant not only because it sounds, well, brilliant, but because it followed Lister’s last road car – the Storm – rather neatly. LFT-666 sounds far more like the product code for one of its valve caps, and it’s hard not to feel a weeny bit disappointed at the name change.

“Originally, we named the prototype the Lister ‘Thunder,” says Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker. “However, due to future model lineage, all 99-production models will now be known as LFT-666, a befitting title and one where an intrigued passer-by instantly knows the horsepower of each Lister model.”

Indeed, the car has a lightly demonic 666bhp, produced by the same 5.0-litre supercharged V8 as the Jaguar F-Type it’s based upon, just heavily turned up. Lister has also replaced a number of the F-Type’s body panels with carbon and fitted its own lightweight alloys. The price for all that is £139,950 – up around £25k on Jag’s most powerful F-Type, the 567bhp SVR.

Mind, you can make your LFT-666 much pricier. A unique paint colour of your choice is £12,500, carbon-ceramic brakes cost £7,705 while a carbon bonnet adds £16,800 Phew.

If that all sounds a bit much, you can add the LFT-666’s standard exterior upgrades to a regular F-Type for £9,750. It’ll get Lister badges, too, though the ‘666’ bit will understandably be missed off.

Lister has also teased its LFP model, a Jaguar F-Pace-based model that’d we’d previously been told would be called Lightning. Which rather makes us wonder what future model lineage ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’ are being saved for. Lister’s long-promised £2million, 1,000bhp hypercar, perhaps? We do hope so…