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Aston Martin One-77 news - One-77: it's out - 2008

This is the first ever official shot of the Aston Martin One-77.

Yes, so earlier this morning, the entire car had been revealed in a series of shots leaked onto the
interweb by some butter-fingered soul who, we assume, is now getting
the dressing down of his or her life.

But we didn’t want to bring you those shots, spoiling your appreciation of the One-77 with a few crap grainy pictures, we wanted to bring you a proper image.

We think it was worth the wait.

Anyhow. What do you think? This isn’t, we should point out, quite the production One-77 – instead, it’s the styling model seen at Paris, without the covers on, built to show customers the lines of the car. So there’s nothing under the bonnet or in the cabin, but there’s still plenty to get looking at, we reckon.

Check out that mad, gaping air intake that slashes into the front headlamp, and the jump-cut window line over the rear wheel arch. No one’s going to mistake this for a DBS with Halfords bodykit, are they?

You’ll have spotted that massive front grille and aggressive side strakes, while round the back there’s a diffuser with a centre-exit exhaust, and narrow rear lights connected by a strip that runs just under the kick-up of the rear deck. It looks, in short, wild.

So what do we know about the mechanicals? Still not much, in truth. We know that the One-77’s substructure will be carbon, with an aluminium body on top, and that it should weigh in at around 1500kg. It’s expected to be powered by a 7.3-litre V12 developing around 700bhp – though, given that the One-77 will be highly customisable, you might just be able to spec it with a sensible two-litre diesel. Maybe.

That’s if you’re one of the 77 punters who has already dropped a £200,000 deposit to secure their place in Aston folklore. Yes, with Aston only planning to build 77 cars, the One-77 has already sold out. Before anyone’s even seen a real one.

So – and we know Aston isn’t keen for us to make this comparison, but we’re going to do it anyhow – would you take one over a Veyron? We know where our hypothetical cash is going…

Have a look here at what we saw in Paris and watch the cheesy promo vid there:

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