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British sportscar maker Caparo has announced that it is to build a new version of its T1. It will be called the T1 Evolution, and it will be terrifying.

We do not say this for hyperbolic effect. It really will be terrifying. The ‘standard’ Caparo T1 - which Jeremy drove way back on TG telly - packed a 3.5-litre V8 and some 575bhp, and offered a driving experience approximately as scary as sharing a cramped Brixton bedsit with a ravenous, hungover grizzly bear.

This new T1 Evolution then, promises a “bespoke powertrain system with 700bhp” - at least 175bhp more! - along with an updated chassis to meet new safety regs, new, stiffer suspension, and such modern conventions as ABS, traction control and stability control. A prudent move, we’d say.

We’re also promised better driver comfort (not being set on fire, maybe?), and a better comms and telemetry system. This, together with the sketch above, is all we know so far.

“While the new edition of the Caparo T1 retains all the race DNA of its predecessor,” Caparo tells us, “it also features ultra-modern aerodynamic looks, hugely improved technical specification and performance, and a range of professional race car support products and services that offer a superb track experience.”

Caparo is taking orders for the T1 Evo right now, though there’s no word yet on price, nor is there any more performance data to hand, but bear in mind the standard T1 - picture 2, above - goes from 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds.

But rest assured we’ll bring you more info as soon as we get it. Anyone brave enough to volunteer for a first drive?

Video: now watch Jeremy Clarkson test the ‘standard’ Caparo T1

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