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For those that fork out £136,000 for a Bentley Continental
GT W12, the price of fuelling it probably isn’t much of an issue. So why has
Bentley gone to the immense trouble of developing a brand-new V8 version that’s
more economical, but will cost very, very nearly the same?

OK, so having a version with an official 27.0mpg rating
instead of 17.1 might make Bentley as a company look more responsible and
relevant in this frugal modern world. And by the same token if buyers care
about looking profligate (they probably don’t) then the higher economy is

But even so, which would you rather have: 6.0 litres, 12
cylinders and 575bhp, or 4.0-litres, eight cylinders and 500bhp? Well you’re
wrong. The V8 is the one to have. Yes, that surprised us too, but after a steer
in a finished prototype (it launches in spring) we’ve no doubts.

OK, so the V8 loses out on power, just slightly, but it still
hits nearly 190mph. And because it has a new eight-speed transmission
– the W12 has only six – the real-world acceleration hardly lags. And even
more surprising, thanks to clever plumbing of its twin blowers, the V8 has
almost as much instant low-rev torque as the mighty W12.

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And for the small performance loss, the V8 offers that major
economy gain. And to answer our initial question, that matters, because
although the rich can afford fuel, they still hate standing around at fuel
stations. The V8 would get you across France a lot faster than the W12 because
you’d be stopped for less time.

To score that huge efficiency gain, the new engine is super
high-tech – I’ve explained the details in the new issue of Top Gear Magazine.
That technology partly explains why, if you spec your V8 to the same level as a
standard W12, they cost about the same. A ‘base trim’ V8 GT is £123,850.

But there’s more to commend the V8. The new engine is a bit
lighter than the W12, so it gets re-tuned suspension that makes the car feel
more agile and responsive, less prone to understeer.

It also sounds brilliant, a proper deep bubba-bubba bassline
giving way to a busy top-end yowl. The sound of the W12 is a bit of an acquired
taste but the V8 will impress everyone right from the off.

You can get the V8 in both the GT coupe and the GTC
convertible, but the W12 isn’t being killed. Even though the V8 is the better
choice for all intents and purposes, Bentley reckons a lot of people will keep
buying the W12.

I can only guess that’s because they aren’t actually
interested in having the best possible car for long fast drives. They’re interested
in having bragging rights. And on that score I have to admit a 6.0-litre W12
still beats a 4.0 V8.

Anyway, in a year or two the W12 too will get direct
injection and some of the other efficiency tweaks of the V8, and it’ll get the
eight-speed box. And then it’ll re-establish its lead. Bentley knows that if
you stand still, you’re going backwards.

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