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Hiddleston and his F-Type Coupe are back!

A couple of months back, you may remember that TG hung out behind the scenes with Jaguar at the making of its most excellent ‘Evil Brits’ Superbowl ad.

The short film that resulted was a memorable little number, featuring as it did a screaming F-Type, our charming SIARPC Tom Hiddleston, a helicopter, and London looking very good indeed. Something for everyone, as they say.

And now Jag has unleashed another ‘Art Of Villainy’ Jag short, arguably even better than the original. More F-Type Coupe, more Hiddleston, more London… and is that a sly dig at the rear-enginedness of the Porsche 911?

Even if you don’t get on board with the whole Brits-make-the-best-villains schtick (though we do, you know), you surely won’t mind another chance to gawp at the gorgeous F-Type R, and to hear its 542bhp supercharged V8 crackling and screaming its way through our capital’s network of tunnels.

Give it a watch. And then, to conclude this noise-themed week in which we’ve shown you Ferrari’s most ear-shattering F1 cars and devised the soundtrack for the electric cars of the future, tell us: is there a better-sounding car on the planet than this one?

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