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Classified ad of the week: survivor special

Of course you want a classic car. So much style, so much character. But also, so much unreliability. So what about a brand new old car? And we’re not talking about some retro-styled £500,000 Eagle effort here - an actual, work-a-day classic without any miles on the clock?

In the tiny Mid-West town of Pierce, Nebraska, there was a small Chevrolet dealership that wasn’t very good at selling cars. It eventually closed its doors in 1996, leaving all the cars it’d failed to shift, which date as far back as the forties, sitting on a farm. And all four HUNDRED of them - scores of which have either zero or delivery miles - are getting auctioned off in the American town on September 28.

How about ‘59 Impala with two miles? Or a ‘66 Chevelle with four? Or a ‘65 Bel Air estate with five? OK, so you’ll have to scrape off a few inches of dust. And buy a new battery. And tyres. And evict some wildlife. And probably undertake a colossally expensive restoration. But still, when’s the last time you saw a ‘65 Impala with ten miles on it for sale?

Click here for the full list. Then here for a very cheap storage facility.

Who said TopGear didn’t do real-world consumer advice?

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