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Gallery: Chelsea Auto Legends 2012

  1. Last weekend saw the return of Chelsea Auto Legends - lots of sugary expensive-car-based drizzle, hosted at the home of the upturned collar, the gardens of Chelsea Hospital.

    Now in its third year, it featured more than 500 cars yawning from early 20th century classics to Le Mans, F1 and rallying heroes. The theme? Seventies cool (not a contradiction in terms, it turns out), though we couldn’t find a car that ticked both boxes…

    We did, however, find lots of other interesting stuff. Click on to see fast Porsches, mad snow expedition things, very expensive Ferraris and more…

  2. Ferrari Enzo rubs shoulders with its supercar pals. 

  3. Remember the old Bentley LMP1 racer? Pretty, isn’t it?

  4. Fresh from the OutRun dimension - a Ferrari F50. 

  5. Bugatti Type 25. Genuine. Probably. 

  6. Collective noun for Ferraris? Brace? Swagger? Horsepower? 

  7. Mmm, Ford GT. 

  8. Group B Lancia hiding in the bushes. 

  9. Original Mini Cooper. It’s crazy to think that these are fetching upwards of £30,000 these days. 

  10. Because RACECAR. 

  11. Porsche 911 GT1. Looks fast standing still. 

  12. Classic racers ageing gracefully. 

  13. And what flavour would sir like his McLaren in?

  14. Aerodywhat?

  15. Italians. Stylish. 

  16. Porsche 356 hides in the trees. 

  17. A Porsche 956 Coupe. Looks quick. Is. 

  18. What would you pick?

  19. Someone likes Gulf livery. And race cars. And has lots of money.

  20. Surprised car is surprised. 

  21. Group B Audi Quattro S1. Not to be confused with the only slightly less mental Audi Quattro A1

  22. The only acceptable Metro - a 6R4. Remember when we visited the home of one of the first people to tune them?

  23. Baby got back. 

  24. Been to the South pole, have we? Pah, you want to try the magnetic north pole, mate…

  25. Lancia 037. Yes. Please. 

  26. Mmm, green.  

  27. There’s that 356 again. Still hiding. Still awesome.

  28. Ford hot rods mixed things up a bit. 

  29. Will this be the fastest car… in the world? We’ll see. 

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