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  1. Head to London’s Excel Arena this weekend and you’ll find the first ever London Classic Car Show. As well as a hall full of classic cars of all vintages to walk around and grab the occasional selfie with, there’s a range of exhibitions.

    James May’s ‘cars that changed the world’ collects together the 13 most pivotal players in car history (at least according to James, anyway), while a collection of cars that tell Adrian Newey’s impeccably engineered life story are well worth a look too. There’s also a rather wonderful gaggle of Le Mans legends.

    And perhaps most intriguingly, cars will be running up and down an indoor ‘road’ called the Grand Avenue, giving you a chance to see and hear some classics in a pretty unique, roofed setting.

    Scroll through the pictures above for a selection of TG’s show highlights. The podium-finishing Le Mans McLaren F1 GTR above kicks us off…

  2. Jaguar XJR-9

    Sitting beside the McLaren in the Le Mans Legends section is one of the most famous liveries in motorsport history. The Silk Cut emblazoned Jag won the 1988 round-the-clock race, ending Porsche’s winning streak and looking flipping cool while it was at it.

  3. Porsche 956

    Another Le Mans icon, and another legendary livery. This Rothmans 956 - piloted by Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell - won the 1982 Le Mans 24 hours, while a 956 piloted by Stefan Bellof also holds the all-time lap record at the Nürburgring, at 6m11.13s.

  4. James Hunt McLaren M23

    More motorsport goodness in the shape of this, James Hunt’s McLaren M23 from the 1970s. Hunt famously took the F1 world title in an M23 in 1976.

  5. JPS Lotus F1 car

    You like legendary liveries? Here’s another. The black and gold of Lotus’s JPS years has recently been aped again by Lotus’s F1 team. If only modern F1 cars were as cleanly designed as this, though…

  6. Eagle Low-Drag E-Type

    Eagle’s stand is a treat for the eyes, with perfectly reimagined E-Types everywhere you look. Shiniest and most beguiling is this Low-Drag coupe. Mmmm.

  7. Eagle E-Type Coupe

    And this one belongs to Martin Brundle, he of F1 driving and commentating fame. His Eagle is a glorious black coupe with a 300bhp 4.2-litre straight-six engine.

  8. Lamborghini Miura

    If the E-Type isn’t quintessential classic enough for you, then how about the original supercar, the gorgeous and glorious Lamborghini Miura?

  9. Maserati Khamsin

    Another impeccably proportioned classic Italian, in the shape of Maserati’s old Khamsin. And you thought the GranTurismo was pretty.

  10. LaFerrari

    Okay, so it’s not quite a classic yet. But with an epic 950bhp drivetrain and fewer than 400 built, this one’s guaranteed to be a star at classic shows of the future.

  11. Citroen DS

    The DS shows off its hydropneumatic suspension-based party tricks in the Classic Car Show’s Grand Avenue paddock.

  12. Adrian Newey's Ford GT40

    The Adrian Newey ‘Inspired’ collection is a treat for the eyes wherever you look, with everything from the Mini he drove as a ten-year-old to the Ferrari he’s raced at Le Mans. Here’s the GT40 he’s raced at Goodwood Revival.

  13. March 881 F1 car

    And here is Newey’s first ever Formula 1 design. March weren’t a big F1 team, and the 881 was naturally aspirated and 100bhp shy of the turbo cars it battled in 1988. With a Newey-designed aerodynamic setup, though, it bagged three podiums.

  14. More Newey F1 cars

    As a public audition of his talents, Newey had nailed it, and the three altogether more famous F1 cars here form a metal and carbon CV the envy of the F1 engineering world.

  15. Ford Mustang

    One of 13 cars that make up James May’s ‘cars that change the world’ exhibition, the Mustang sits beside a Mini and opposite a Prius (really). To see what else is there - including James’s rather ingenious winner, the car that has most changed the world, you’ll just have to head down yourself. We’re not spoiling it.

  16. Porsche 911 Turbo S

    The last of the air-cooled 911s, the 993 ended production courtesy of this very talented (and very yellow) Turbo S. Looks glorious. Is glorious.

  17. Porsche 911 Targa

    And while we’re on cars with the engine in the wrong place, here’s the car that the latest, really quite nice 911 Targa pays stylistic homage too.

  18. BMW Batmobile

    Prefer your German classics more savage than slinky? Try this bewinged 3.0CSL ‘Batmobile’, the hugely iconic (and slightly demonic) homologation special of BMW’s 1970s touring car entry.

  19. Lancia F1 car

    Top prizes go to anyone who recognises this. It’s the Lancia D50A, a Formula 1 car from 1955. The F1 car of 60 years ago weighed as much as a Caterham and used a 2.5-litre V8 engine with around 260bhp.

  20. Ian Callum's Jag Mark 2

    If you really want to spend £350,000 on a Jaguar Mark 2, this is how to do it: the lightly modernised Mark 2 that resulted from a collaboration between Jag design director Ian Callum restorer Classic Motor Cars Limited in 2014.

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