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Isn't this a very odd Porsche 914?

As the forgotten, mid-engined Porsche turns 50, here's the weirdest one we’ve seen

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The 917 isn’t the only Porsche turning 50 this year. The 914 - the company’s forgotten, mid-engined, ‘entry-level’ roadster - is too.

Naturally, Porsche’s museum is celebrating with an exhibition. And the car pictured above, which looks like no 914 we’ve ever seen, is one of the stars.

It was designed by Albrecht Graf von Goertz - the same chap who did the BMW 503 and 507 - and was one of two 914-based concepts displayed at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. No mechanical changes - just a breadvan-style body and pointy nose.

Porsche’s management were fans - apparently Goertz even had marketing materials printed, with a view to putting the car into production. But nothing ever came of it. So only one was ever produced - Goertz kept it for years before donating it to a museum somewhere in Germany.

Alongside it in Porsche’s exhibition, which runs until early July, will be the first 914 ever built plus a couple with eight-cylinder racing engines.

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