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May we present you with this Alfa Romeo 4C/Lancia Stratos lovechild. It’s slightly odd, but no less wonderful for it.

It’s an illustration produced by rendering geniuses Bold Ride and Hansen Art. The diddy Alfa’s mid-engine/rear-drive layout, compact dimensions and eye-popping Italian styling ensure its recipe is similar to its distant 70s cousin, even if its aesthetics haven’t been dictated by set-squares and rulers.

Until the virtual Crayolas were unleashed on it, that is. The front styling remains largely intact, but round the back, the little Lancia’s rear wing and louvred engine cover appear in all their glory. A ginormous diffuser and some fairly stunning dished wheels complete the look.

Or rather they don’t. The final flourish is saved for one of the classic motorsport liveries: the tricolore Alitalia design that the Stratos wore as it slipped and slid to three consecutive world rally titles.

In the days of 1.6-litre Fiestas and DS3s, the concept of a miniature V6 supercar wildly oversteering through forestry sounds like pure fantasy.

And it’s perhaps a dose of that madcap aggression that could provide the 4C the spark it needs to truly win our hearts. The stock Alfa’s lack of composure on bumpy tarmac suggests it would fling itself tree-ward mere yards into trying to follow in the rally Stratos’s footprints, but some hard-won stage aggression could be just the ticket for making us love the 4C, as opposed to merely liking it.

What do you reckon, TG.commers?

Pic credit: Bold Ride and Hansen Art

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