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This replica Ford GT40 costs £336,000

Superformance’s ‘toolroom copy’ GT40 is a perfect recreation of a Le Mans winner

Published: 05 Aug 2019

This is the Ford GT40 that won the 1969 Le Mans 24hr race. A bit. Actually not at all. But it’s as close a replica as you’re ever likely to find, because it’s been built as a result of “full access” to the original, race-winning GT40.

And unlike the original, race-winning GT40, this can be purchased without the requirement of auctioning off, say, a kidney, or other vital organs/possessions you might want to keep hold of.

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A company called Superformance – who’ve done some cool things in the past – along with Safir GT40 and Gulf are building the replica GT40 racers having had a good ol’ look at the original. So the ‘toolroom copy’ cars are recreated “perfectly both aesthetically and mechanically”.

For the sum of £336,000, you can get yours as either a general track day car, or indeed one that is able to compete in historic racing (these get HTP FIA approval). Prices start at £336,000 in the UK, and you’ll also get a plaque with the names of 25 employees instrumental in the original car’s success, and a guitar. Yup, a guitar. Us neither. Moving on...

There’s also another version of the GT40 being offered which is substantially cheaper - £222,000 – that features P/1075’s wide body and wheels, Gulf livery and your choice of either a 5.0-litre Roush Ford V8, or a 7.0-litre one. There’s other stuff like a Quaife RFQ or ZF RBT transaxle, along with actual air conditioning and the ability to drive it on the road.

Only 50 will be built all in, imported into the UK via Le Mans Coupes Ltd. Le Mans Coupes Ltd boss Oliver Hulme said: “With the much vaunted Ford vs Ferrari film due out in November, interest in the GT40 is the highest it’s been for years, and climbing.”

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Interest in the GT40, if we’re honest, hasn’t really waned since it did indeed beat Ferrari all those years ago (50, in fact), but still… these things look superb, don’t they?

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