Video: epic overtake attempt ends in the barriers

Gorgeous DB4 GT tries to overtake E-Type at Goodwood Revival. Fails

We’d wager that some of the racing from last weekend’s Goodwood Revival is more exciting than the stuff you see at most Formula One Grand Prix. Take this little manoeuvre Adrian Wilmott – in his rather lovely Aston Martin DB4 GT – pulled on the E-Type Jag of Rob Hall during this year’s Kinrara Trophy. 

Obviously fairly keen to pass, Wilmott sends one up the inside of Hall’s E-Type from way back. He shoots past, ABS-less brakes locked, and flies off the track sideways. He slows the DB4 enough that the inevitable barrier-tap is light enough not to do any massive damage, and Wilmott is able to rejoin via an enormous, glorious smokey burnout.

All in a DB4 GT worth more than most people’s houses. Drivers of the Revival, salutes you.