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This is Faraday's 1000bhp electric hypercar concept

Unveiled at the CES in Vegas comes a single seat, fully-electric 200mph+ autonomous car

It’s supposed to be a test bed for future “clean, intuitive electric vehicles” from a new carmaker called Faraday Future. It’s also completely bonkers. Welcome everyone, to the 1,000bhp FFZERO1.

Yep, packing as much power as a McLaren P1 GTR, the FFZERO1 is a new concept car unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And using four electric motors, it is exceptionally fast.

In theory at least, but we’ll come back to that. The speed of course is a cherry; the idea is connectivity. You slot your smartphone into the steering wheel and setup the car to your exact needs, and it features all the future-stuff you’d expect: virtual and head-up displays, and an ‘intuitive UI’.

The car itself sits on a new ‘Variable Platform Architecture’ developed by Faraday, which features a battery structure centrally mounted for ‘integrity’. It’s hooked up to those four motors, and housed in an aero-honed body built from carbon fibre and other lightweight composites.

So, you want some stats, no? 1000bhp, as mentioned. 0-60mph in “less than three seconds”, and a top speed of more than 200mph. Then comes the racing suspension, a single seat cockpit, the promise of “advanced vehicle dynamic control” and torque vectoring. Oh, and it comes equipped for autonomous driving, too, in case you fancy a quick blast to Mars.

It’s only a concept, and considering such details as a ‘Halo Safety System’ capable of delivering oxygen and water to the driver through a helmet, it’s unlikely you’ll see it anytime soon. Or ever.

But still, our inner ten-year-old is excited. Should Faraday forget the practical stuff and just build this 1,000bhp monster?

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