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Honda FCX Clarity news - Hydrogeneration - 2008

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CO2-free motoring just got a step closer,
as Honda’s first hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity has just rolled off the
production line.

The FCX is built around a fuel cell stack
that uses the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce
electrical energy, with water the only by-product.

We drove a prototype
FCX at the start of the year, and we were impressed by the
performance and looks.

The problem, of course, is that there are
few places in the world to fill up on hydrogen, which is why Honda is initially
only offering the FCX on lease in Japan and California.

Honda says it plans to build some 200 FCXs
over the next three years, but even if you’re living in the right place, you’ll
struggle to get your hands on one - most, it would seem, are destined for the
hands of Hollywood A-listers.

They should be able to afford the meagre £290
per month leasing cost, at least.

Don’t expect to see hydrogen production
cars in the UK for a while to come, but Honda has promised that a ‘more
affordable petrol-electric hybrid car’ will arrive on these shores next year.

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