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Welcome to Rinspeed, the company that will sink a Lotus Elise, turn a Smart ForTwo into a pizza delivery machine and build a shape-shifting electric sports car. There are strong winds in those Swiss mountains.

Now, we have the firm’s latest. It’s called the Micromax and, frankly, we’re a bit disappointed. Where’s the submergible body filled with foam? Where’s the six-wheel extended chassis? Quite simply, where’s the madness?

It’s a concept for the company’s home motor show - Geneva, next March - and previews what they want the future of city transport to look like. Electric, with standing room only.

It’s a bit shorter than a Mini at 3.6m in length, but stands a whopping 2.2m tall. That’s loftier than a Chrysler Grand Voyager. Inside, there’s space for three passengers, all standing upright, plus a ‘stroller’ or shopping trolley. Though trying to navigate one of those into a city car could prove tricky…

This spaciousness is accompanied by a coffee maker, a fridge “for the passengers’ happy-hour drinks” and lots of connectivity. Essentially, it’s a party bus with added hangover-coping capabilities.

What do you make of the ride-share Micromax? And is it nearly bonkers enough from a firm specialising in the eccentric?

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