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Mitsubishi PX-MiEV concept news - Mitsu mains business - 2009

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It’s day two of the Tokyo teasers and this morning it’s Mitsubishi’s turn. It will show off its PX-MiEV concept, which sounds like an aeroplane’s registration number but is actually a plug-in hybrid SUV type-thing.
It works like most other hybrids – electric motors driving the wheels at city speeds or under gentle acceleration, before a petrol engine takes over if you want to move quicker – except you can also plug this one into the mains overnight, to juice the batteries so they do the driving for longer.
Being an SUV, it’s also fitted with a four-wheel-drive system as well as a version of Mitsubishi’s active yaw control, which is usually found on a ballistic Evo.
Inside things get, er, pharmaceutical. The ‘cocochi’ interior (that’s Japanese slang for ‘cosy’) is full of all things to make your ying and yang align, or whatever they do. The seat fabric ‘deactivates’ allergens, breaks down ‘volatile organic compounds’ – things like bogeys and stuff – and banishes offensive odour molecules if things get farty. It will also kill bacteria, the windscreen shuts out UV-A radiation to protect skin from darkening and aging, and a negative-ion aroma humidifier with oxygen enricher will help reduce fatigue.
Rumours that the car is sponsored by Boots the Chemist remain unfounded.

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