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This is the off-road Koenigsegg we need right now

Unofficial Koenigsegg render imagines a One:1 built for the rough stuff

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This isn’t an official Koenigsegg product, but it might just be the Koenigsegg we need right now.

It’s an ‘off-road’ version of the company’s ballistic One:1 hypercar, rendered entirely unofficially by Yasid Design. And you have to admit, it’s certainly a striking thing.

“It might seem too low or dropped to be an off-road Koenigsegg,” Yasid tells, “but the explanation is simple: I like to think it’s not in off-road mode. It’s simply a road mode/show mode,” he explains.

So, with that settled, let us get to the business of just how mad this thing looks. Yasid took inspiration from ‘pre runner’ trucks – they’re the trucks that are built to scout off-road race courses before the actual race. Hence the monster off-road wheels and tyres.

To that, he adds a monster rear wing, widened arches, a rear diffuser, and even a spare tyre strapped to the roof. Essentially, it’s the result of Bruce Wayne paying Christian von Koenigsegg a visit and requesting something for the weekend.

“I am always very interested in taking high end supercars and hypercars and tampering with them, to see what we can come up with,” he tells us. “This offends a lot of purists, but it’s somehow one of the things I personally like to do – the things that you would expect the least”.

On that, we can agree. Yasid Design has rendered this Koenigsegg to tackle off-road courses, but we rather think it’s a Koenigsegg built for the Apocalypse. Think about it: an off-road, 1,340bhp Koenigsegg designed to hammer through some of the toughest stuff nature can throw at it.

We suspect this might be a handy vehicle of choice for 2017…

Picture courtesy of Yasid Design

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