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Saturday 9th December

Should Ford make a four-door Mustang?

Looks like someone at Ford was toying with the idea of a four-door Mustang... so, anyone want to see it happen?

Published: 16 Sep 2022

Design sketches are simultaneously incredible and incredibly disappointing. You get a glimpse of just what we could do with cars, if only there weren’t certain realities getting in the way, sure. But you also get to know what we, who inhabit a world comprised of such depressing realities, missed out on.

While thumbing through the new Mustang’s design sketches, lost in just such a thought (other navelgazing subjects are available), we stumbled across something that snapped us out of our reverie – a sketch for a four-door Mustang. Bottom left, if you’re searching for it.

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And honestly? We’re not as affronted as you might expect. In fact, we can imagine a situation where such a thing could work out OK.

After all, it’s not like Ford’s exactly overloaded with sedans these days – a deliberate decision, we might add – and the Mustang’s already a comfy enough 2+2 GT. So why not add a pair of small rear doors so mums and dads with a bit of light left in their eyes and fire left in the belly can conceivably have a simple manual muscle car that still works for the kids when it has to? That’s our idea, anyway.

But ideas, much like design sketches, can ben simultaneously incredible and incredibly disappointing, depending on your opinion and frame of reference. So let us know – if you could have a four-door Mustang, would you?

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