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Terrafugia’s flying car is getting closer

‘Significant milestone’ reached to allow unmanned aircraft testing

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Terrafugia is a company that wants to build a flying car. This much you probably know. It will probably arrive in the near future, and it will be called the ‘TF-X’. Now, we learn that development has reached a ‘significant milestone’.

Specifically, the exemption to fly an unmanned, 1/10th scale drone-version of its ‘TF-X’. The FAA – that’s the US Federal Aviation Administration – has given Terrafugia special allowance to allow unmanned flight of this little drone.

Which means, in a long-story-short kind of way, that Terrufugia can do loads more R&D to fast track its actual, real-life flying car.

When it comes, the TF-X will be a “four-seat, hybrid electric, semi-autonomous, vertical takeoff and landing flying car”. Yep, all of those things. In the meantime, this R&D drone will scale the skies up to an altitude of 400ft and go up to 100mph.

“Today, Terrafugia engineers are building the TF-X sUAS and preparing the detailed test plans that will be used for their operation,” we’re told. More updates are to follow.

Are we getting ever closer to an actual, flying car, or is this just, um, drone in the sky stuff?

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