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Three-wheeler news - Enigma variation - 2009

When you think
‘three-wheeler’, you’ve probably got some reasonably symmetrical wheel
configuration in your head. Two at the back, one at the front, perhaps - like a
Reliant Robin - or maybe two up front and one at the back.

But never - at least not if you’re blessed with some modicum of common sense -
anything like this, we hope.

This is the Enigma concept, another one of the let’s-just-go-mental visions of the future that seem so prevalent this year.

The Enigma is the work of London-based designer Tan Sohanpall, and features
three wheels in a bizarrely asymmetric arrangement.

As you’ll probably know, we usually can’t get enough of these strange
futuristic concepts, but this is one step too far, surely?

In addition to the wonky wheels, the Enigma also gets a single-seater driver
compartment that slides backwards at high speed, and a powertrain based around
- well, we actually have no idea, but it seems to be some sort of turbine

So come on, Tan. Pull your socks up. We won’t stand for this concept madness
any more. A KTM off-road buggy, however?
That’s just fine.

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