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Zagato replica roadster news - Photo fit - 2008

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What do you need to create a perfect
replica of a 1930s roadster? A full set of blueprints? A rusted version of the
original? A Haynes manual? In the case of Italian coachbuilder Zagato, just a
couple of faded, dog-eared photographs.

See, when Andrea Zagato decided to
recreate the 1938 Lancia Aprilia roadster built by his grandfather Ugo, he
faced a bit of a problem. Only three of the original cars were ever build, and
none survive today.

But armed with a pair of grainy
black-and-white photos, Zagato created this, the Lancia Aprilia Sport. The
bodywork was beaten into shape by hand - just like grandpappy used to do it -
while the detailing, including the massive grille and neat individual
windshields, are perfect replicas of the original.

Performance should be authentically
wheezy, with power coming from a tiny Aprilia motorcycle engine producing
48bhp. That’ll see the roadster to a giddy 78mph - with no roll-hoops, we’re
not sure we’d fancy going any quicker.

Zagato plans to build just nine roadsters,
with prices starting at £150,000 Euros. Faded photos not included.

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