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Does this retro EV make you want to go electric?

Alpha Ace Coupe claims 250 miles of range and 0-60mph in six seconds

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Curious looking thing, the Alpha Ace Coupe. It looks as though it was designed for a Pixar movie, or perhaps the next Grand Theft Auto game. But no – it’s an actual car that you can actually buy. Well, these appear to be some renders of a car you may one day be able to buy, at any rate.

Alpha, an EV start-up based in California, aims to have its first cars on the road “as early as 2023”. You can reserve an Ace Coupe on the company’s website right now – Alpha claims 0-60mph in around six seconds and over 250 miles of range. The RRP, it says, will be between $32,000 and $39,000 (between £25,000 and £30,000 or thereabouts at today’s exchange rates).

The Ace is based on the same modular platform as the company’s other concept – the Icon - which is “configurable into a SUV, Van, or Truck for personal and commercial use”. At 4,180mm long, 1,886mm wide and 1,450mm tall, the Coupe is as long as an Alpine A110 and the same height as a BMW 1 Series.

The interior is typically minimalist EV, with no buttons to speak of and a large central touchscreen, though the leather door-pulls are a nice touch. We’re told there are “compact rear seats for occasional storage”. As opposed to, y’know, passengers.

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